NDIS Strategic Positioning & Readiness Project

The Weave Board has decided to look at the opportunities available to Weave under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and understand the possible strategic options. This includes the potential for new social interaction, skills development and training, building independence and to provide employment support and pathways in the arts. The development of workshops for funded NDIS participants is one options being considered that can both support the recruitment of new company members and generate income for additional performances.

The Lord Mayors Charitable Fund has provided a grant to support this work over a two year period including the necessary changes and steps required to achieve NDIS registration and service delivery.

This project will allow Weave Movement Theatre Company to understand the viability, gaps, and requirements for NDIS registration and identify options to possibly become a NDIS provider and expand the range of activities available to existing and new artists with a disability and achieve on-going funding of disability theatre programs.

Weave have contracted Wayne Pfeiffer, PfA Consults to review the current program, assess its viability under the NDIS and provide strategic recommendations. A capacity building approach and consumer driven framework is being used that listens and works together with Weave staff and company members to support the achievement of the project outcomes.  Part of this listening and understanding process includes the following survey.

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