Participate in Our Survey

A survey is being conducted with all people associated with Weave including company members, their families, Board members, facilitators and potential new members to better understand peoples’ ideas, wants and needs and to help prepare ourselves for this change.

The information you provide is anonymous and will be kept private and confidential and will be analysed by PfA Consults. A report will be written for the Weave Board with a summary included here on our website once completed.

Please take the 15-20 minutes to complete the survey by Monday 18th December 2017 or as soon as you can

Hard copies are also available if you would rather do the survey that way. Contact Janice Florence, Weave Artistic Director or 0400 031 418 for a copy, if you need help with the survey or if you have any questions regarding the project.

We particularly want to know what potential new members think of Weave so please forward the email onto anyone you may know that may be interested in joining Weave.

Thanks for helping us with this important project.

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