ButohOUT! Festival: Performance Season and Public Forum

Weave will be performing at this years ‘ButohOUT!’ Festival under the direction of Yumi Umiumare. Culminating over a two- week performance season, ‘ButohOUT!’ is an exploration of interpretations of Butoh, Body and Landscape. Experience the potent, sacred, visceral, sometimes humorous, unexpected and formless art form that is Butoh.

A diverse and distinctive series of short works will also be presented by Yumi Umiumare, Tony Yap, Breathing Forest Dance Theatre and international guest artist, Agung Gunawan (Indonesia), alongside solo and group works by local artists, mentored by Yumi and Tony during the ‘ButohOUT!’ Laboratory Workshop.

“In Butoh we are trying to give form to that which is formless, trying to put into words that which cannot be put into words” – Tatsumi Hijikata, founder of Ankoku Butoh, Dance of Darkness.

Performance Season

Week One: 12 – 15 April – bookings required

Led by Yumi Umiumare, Weave will perform in a series of performances with other artists in the Oratory.  Purchase tickets here.

Week Two: 19 – 22 April – bookings required

A series of performances in the Oratory featuring Agung Gunawan, Breathing Forest Dance

Photo Credit: Vikk Shayen

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