Wannabe a Rabbit?

Weave is back at Melbourne’s newest festival, ButohOUT! The Body- Our Closest Nature. Choreographed by Yumi Umiumare and in partnership with Abbotsford Convent, Weave will present developmental piece Wannabe A Rabbit? at the The Oratory from April 12-15.

A unique fusion between Butoh and physical theatre, Wannabe A Rabbit? invites audiences on an investigation between the surreal and the absurd; exploring universal human themes like:

Will I ever be perfect? Am I invisible? How do I get out of here? My sheets need a wash. It’s dark. Is that a rabbit?

Devised in collaboration with Weave and Umiumare, this short work will be unveiled in full in 2019.

“Their strength lies in the performers’ ability to make the banal magical” –  Hilary Crampton, The Age


Surfacing in reaction to the atrocities caused post World War II and initially referred to as the ‘Dance of Darkness’, Butoh converges themes of naturism and humanism. ButohOUT! intends to activate the spirit of Butoh through the local and national, contemporary dance community.

Director Yumi Umiumare, Artistic Director Janice Florence and Weave artists are available for interview upon request. 

Weave Movement Theatre formed in 1997 through an Arts Access Victoria project and continues today developing high quality performances under the artistic direction of Janice Florence.

This performance is proudly supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria, ImPermanence Productions, Abbottsford Convent, Arts Access Victoria, The Oasis Rainbow, Creative Victoria and City of Yarra.

Venue Info & Dates
Performance Week One
The Oratory, Abbotsford Convent
April 12-14, 8pm
April 15, 5pm Auslan Performance

For ticket bookings go here
For the two performance discount email Taka

All media enquires or requests for interviews should be directed to Kaitlyn Elsegood Communications kait.elsegood@gmail.com 0413 206 612

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Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Elsegood, 2018

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