“My involvement with Weave Movement Theatre is essentially one of expansion. There are so many attempts everywhere else to get me and others to contract. I have a mind and a body too.”Anthony Riddell, performer and writer with Weave since 2000.

“I like Weave because you meet whole lot of different people and what they can do. It mean to me that I am part of a theatre company and I am proud of this. It make me feel like my speech is improving when I am acting all the time.” – Greg Muir, performer with Weave since 2011

“It’s good, they treat us all the same, because even though we can’t all do the same things, it doesn’t matter. It’s like a family to me. I love going to Weave. You get new experiences, its not like the same thing each time. We get to work with different people from different companies.” – Emily Ardley, performer with Weave since 2007