Weave Want’s You!

Weave Movement Theatre is seeking nominations from interested parties with experience in the arts and/ or not- for- profit sector, to take up a position on our board.

Due to the uniqueness of Weave’s organisational structure and diverse ensemble. Weave is constantly dependent upon applying for short term project funding to exist and continue its progressive model for inclusive dance performance.

As such, we are hoping to find an individual with specific skills (preferably in the arts) in sponsorship, marketing and funding. A background in community development/ disability is desirable but not essential.

To find out more, and be sent a PD for our Board roles, please contact Janice at info@weavemovementtheatre.com or phone Weave on 0400 031 418

Who is Weave?

Weave Movement Theatre is an ambitious and diverse Melbourne-based dance and theatre performance company comprising people with and without disabilities.

Weave formed in 1997 through an Arts Access project and throughout the past 20 years has created 16 original stage works, performed in venues such as Dancehouse and La Mama, been a part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and collaborated with guest artists and directors from circus, dance and theatre backgrounds on performances, creative developments and workshops, all under the artistic direction of Janice Florence, a dance artist with a disability.

Weaves’ work combines dance, physical theatre, spoken word and humour to create bold ground-breaking performances. Weaves’ work subverts audience’s expectations and challenges conventional ways of seeing dance and disability.

Image Credit: Paul Dunn

2017 Workshops


Basking in the glory of White Day Dream, Weave artists began twenty seventeen, with a series of workshops with NEW Circus Oz Artistic Director, Rob Tannion!! 

Rob’s twenty year career in Europe spans from pivotal beginnings as a dancer for renowned UK contemporary company DV8, going on to be a choreographer and director of two circus companies in Spain (because one isn’t enough) and working with both international and national inclusive dance companies, including Adelaide’s Restless Dance.

Back to Back’s Tamara Searle has also been sharing her expertise in exploring movement with semi improvised scores and focusing upon sharpening our improvisation skills.

As always, a BIG thanks to our friends at the City of Yarra for making all of the workshops possible. 



Weave Movement Theatre is one of Australia’s most unique dance organisations, offering a distinctive and progressive model for inclusive dance performance. Weave has a twenty-year existence under the artistic direction of Janice Florence, a dance artist with paraplegia.

Weave has and continues to create work that challenges conventional ways of seeing dance and disability.

A combination of dance, physical theatre, spoken word and absurd humour, Weave creates bold ground-breaking performances. Weave is completely dependent upon funding and voluntary staff.

Donations allow Weave to continue to provide opportunities for artists with disabilities to learn, grow and express their talents and for Weave to remain a proud disability lead organisation.

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Image Credit: Paul Dunn