ButohOUT! Forbidden Laughter Showcase 2019

In collaboration with Yumi Umiumare and the ButohOUT team, Weave Movement Theatre presented a new performance work for the ButohOUT! Festival : Forbidden Laughter Showcase at the Abbotsford Convent from the 2 May -12 May.

Forbidden Laughter celebrates the powerful performance medium of Butoh, inviting audiences to experience surreal narratives within a bizarre and mysterious installation at the rustic Industrial School, Abbotsford Convent. 

Butoh is an avant-garde dance and theatre form that originated in Japan in the late 1950s as a reaction to the social turmoil post World War II.  Butoh attempts to ‘expose the joys and sorrows of life, exploring the most fundamental elements of physical and psychological existence’, it is based on expression rather than aesthetics.

We are laughing, but always in a minor key”

★★★★  Jana Perkovic -The Age

“…. a visually exciting and interesting performance designed to keep you on the edge of your seat: live dangerously!”

Shane Murphy – Daily Review

“.. notions of “the impossible task” are explored in vignettes and installations throughout the space.”

Hayden Burke – Australian Stage

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All photos courtesy of Vikk Shayen