Wannabe a Rabbit?

Wannabe a Rabbit? was Directed and Choreographed by Yumi Umiumare in collaboration with Weave Movement Theatre. A fusion of Butoh and Physical Theatre, the work moved between the surreal and absurd; humorously reversing the perceptions of difference and exploring universal human themes like: Will I ever be perfect? Am I invisible? How do I get out of here? My sheets need a wash. It’s dark. Is that a rabbit?

“Hilarious and on point”

“The sound and movement made me cry then laugh, made me feel connected to everyone”

“Chaos and controlled chaos in the dancing”

Initially performed over four nights, as a short piece in this years ButohOUT! Festival at Abbotsford Convent, we received rave responses and the final two shows sold out. We are currently extending the work into a full length show, which we hope to premier in 2019.

Film by Takeshi Kondo, Direction and Choreography: Yumi Umiumare, Visual Design:Jennifer Tran, Original Score: Dan West, Co-Creator /Performers: David Baker, Willow J Conway, Trevor Dunn, Janice Florence, Greg Muir, Emma Norton, Leisa Prowd, Anthony Riddell
Photographs by Mifumi Obata